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Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer

(Surrender, Being Present, Entering the Silence)

Robert and Janet Ellsworth remind us that Jesus  was aware of a loving presence within and around him and that by surrendering to this presence he was able to achive what we call in Unity his "great demonstration."

The Ellsworths distinguish between this awareness of presence, which we may be taught, and the mystical states, which cannot be forced. They then describe four forms of the awareness of presence gained through contemplative prayer:

  • letting go and surrendering
  • being present
  • finding the sacred in everyday life
  • entering the Silence

This class in Contemplative Prayer provides you an opportunity to explore these forms of prayer and will provide a seven-step process for entering the Silence.

Click here to hear an audio talk by Eric Butterworth on Prayer. His talk is one of the best explanations of The Silence ever produced by a Unity speaker.

This class is part of the Unity Georgetown Prayer Class series.


Allee Blatner

The next date for this class is: Wednesday July 6, 2011

Allee is the Unity Georgetown Prayer Coach for this class.

Cost: love offering

Book (required): Come Apart For Awhile, Exploring Four Ways To Pray Taught By Jesus, by Revs. Robert and Janet Ellsworth.