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Affirmative Prayer

Uplifting, Affirmative Prayer

Robert and Janet Ellsworth write,

Most of us are aware of periods in our lives when we seem to be living "in grace," and other times when we feel "out of grace." Living in grace includes a sense of harmony and ease in daily living. Anne Morrow Lindberg pointed out that in the first condition we seem to carry our tasks lightly, as if we are born along on a great tide. In the opposite state, we can barely tie a shoestring.

This class in uplifting, affirmative prayer will help you achieve and maintain a sense of living in grace. It will also provide you an opportunity to express affirmative thoughts with others, as we do and experience each Sunday during our meditation.

This class is part of the Unity Georgetown Prayer Class series.

Achieving a Sense of Living in Grace

This class will provide you with an understanding of:

  • how to shift from anger and frustration to appreciation and thankfulness
  • how to nurture a consciousness of love
  • how to compose and use prayers of affirmation
  • how to expand our consciousness to become more aware of positive feelings and thinking

Affirming One Another

The class will offer you an opportunity to recognize truth, beauty and kindness in others and help you understand how to affirm others in an authentic and loving way.


The next date for this class is:Lenaire Wednesday July 27, 2011

Lenaire Grigsby is the Unity Georgetown Prayer Coach for this class.

Cost: love offering

Book (required): Come Apart For Awhile, Exploring Four Ways To Pray Taught By Jesus, by Revs. Robert and Janet Ellsworth.