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Unity Georgetown Service June 05, 2011

Mark Hicks - Prosperity 1: Amusement and Hope

Positive feelings are the foundation of prosperity. As we heard last week, Mr. Rogers garnered $20 million for public television and taught an entire generation that feelings are more powerful than gunfire in what truly matters in life. In case you think Mr. Rogers is out of date, consider that cutting-edge research is confirming that these same feelings are the basis for our survival as humans and our flourishing as individuals. This Sunday's lesson is about the positive feelings of amusement and hope as the starting point of our prosperity. Through such playful activities as amusement imaginative hope we find our right livelihood, our right path and our true self.

Power Emotion Questions that may elicit the emotion
Will Interest Is this important?
Understanding Awe How important could it be?
Faith Hope Is there a chance that this could happen?
Imagination Amusement, curiosity How might this happen?
Zeal Inspiration Does God want this to happen?
Power Eloquence, leadership What would he say?
Love Love Do I care enough about this to support and nourish it?
Judgment Gratitude In what way is this uniquely mine to do?
Strength Peace How may I rest and trust that this is being established?
Order Joy What milestones may occur for this to become manifest?
Elimination Lightness What must I let go before this will happen?
Life Pride How much pride will I feel when this occurs?