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Unity Georgetown Prayer Classes



Donna SueLenaire

On four consecutive Wednesday evenings in July the Unity Georgetown Prayer Coaches are offering four classes on prayer. They are intended to be an introduction to the common approaches to prayer and are meant for those who want a good foundation in prayer and meditation.

Our Unity Georgetown Prayer Classes are based on Come Apart For Awhile, Exploring Four Ways To Pray Taught By Jesus, written by Revs. Robert and Janet Ellsworth.  The Ellsworths outline four approaches to prayer as taught by Jesus:

We have designed a two-hour class for each of these four approaches to prayer. You can get more information about each class by clicking on the links.  The objective of each class is to provide you with personal experience with the particular approach to prayer that the class covers. So most of your class time will be spent in actually practicing prayer.

There is no pre-requisite for any of the classes and they may be taken in any sequence. We provide them on a love-offering basis, however having a copy of the Come Apart For Awhile book is required, either by loan or by purchase.