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On Wings Of Truth (Video)


On Wings of Truth celebrates 100 years of Truth with a concise look at the basic tenets of Unity philosophy. Prosperity, healing, and human relationships, all created through the law of mind action, are the topics discussed by some of the most eloquent Unity ministers. The Fillmore tradition is represented by Charles R. Fillmore, chairman of the board and Connie Fillmore, president of Unity School. Along with John A.V. Strickland, director of Silent Unity, they remind us of the spiritual significance and history of the Unity work. This inspirational program incorporates Unity philosophy, history, and practical self-development instructions into a precious keepsake for the Unity follower or an introduction for those just becoming interested in Unity philosophy.

Unity Teachers

Eric Butterworth Eric was ordained as a Unity minister in 1949 and is currently serving as minister at Unity Center of Practical Christianity in New York City. Eric is responsible for numerous books, articles, and cassette tapes including his most recent album, The Gospel Truth.

James Dillet Freemen Jim is a Unity minister and former director of Silent Unity. Jim is the renowned author of numerous books of poetry and prose. In addition, Jim authors the monthly Unity magazine feature, “Life is a Wonder.”

Dorthy Pierson Dorthy is the co-minister of Christ Unity Church, Sacramento, California. Her writing talents have been featured many times in Daily Word.

Jim Rosemergy Jim is a Unity minister who serves the Unity Church on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. A noted Unity author, Jim's cassettes include Famous Bible Stories From the Old Testament: A Metaphysical View.

Sharon Poindexter Sharon is a Unity minister active in the Kansas City area. She is an excellent teacher, lecturer, and counselor. Length: One hour.

Segment notes

01 - On Wings of Truth On Wings of Truth celebrates 100 years of Truth with a concise look at the basic tenets of Unity philosophy. Introduction by Charles R. Fillmore.

02 - Connie Fillmore describes Myrtle's healing Myrtle hears “You are a child of God, and therefore do not inherit sickness” and she and Charles begin the healing movement known as Unity.

03 - John Strickland talks about the power of united prayer at Silent Unity “I quiet my thoughts and enter into a time of prayer.” From a faithful band of people meeting in the Fillmore home to over 250 people, Silent Unity prays with you 24x7.

04 - Five teachers of Truth Principles at Unity Introduction to five teachers of practical and simple Truth Principles: Eric Butterwoth, Dorothy Pierson, James Dillet Freeman, Jim Rosemergy and Sharon Poindexter

05 - Topic #1: Health “In Truth, you really are a whole person” says Dorothy Pierson. The nature of God as being wholeness, completeness, pure light is also our nature as we are of the same nature.

06 - The Law of Mind Action “The world we are living is an out-picturing of what we have created in our mind,” says Sharon Poindexter. By changing our consciousness, we change our life.

07 - Affirmation and Denial “Affirmations allow you to get centered in the creative process” says Eric Butterworth

08 - Prayer and Meditation “Charles Fillmore was a great believer of speaking prayer aloud” says James Dillet Freeman, “and so do I because when you speak it aloud the mind is focused.”

09 - Giving Thanks “The words of praise and thanksgiving give life to whatever has lost its life” says Sharon Poindexter.

10 - Topic #2: Prosperity The same principles that bring us health can enrich our lives. Prosperity is an attitude. Myrtle Fillmore said “we don’t raise money, we raise consciousness.”

11 - Right Livelihood “If you will do what is yours to do and to be what is yours to be and give yourself to what is yours, life will provide you the means to do it” - James Dillet Freeman.

12 - Giving and Receiving “If we’re not giving and not receiving, we’re like the Dead Sea in that there is no outlet there and we are lifeless” says James Rosemergy. The must be a constant flow of life.

13 - Topic #3: Loving Relationships “God has nothing other to do than to love you” says Eric Butterworth, so “man is a loving creature, love is his true nature.”

14 - Alone / All-One “I think there are times in our life when we find ourselves alone and it has a divine purpose it in” says James Rosemergy

15 - Relationships “Spiritual freedom is our goal” says Dorothy Pierson, and “when we are with people who give us that freedom to be ourselves then it becomes a rich relationship.”

16 - Marriage “Between us we develop something that is not there in either of us, alone. It’s a union thing” says James Dillet Freeman, “God’s love must always start in someone’s human heart.”

17 - Conclusion: Let There Be Peace on Earth “I really feel that all that is worthwhile in life is serving one another and helping one another on the road to spiritual knowledge. We only live as we advance and lend a helping had to others” Myrtle Fillmore

Unity video On Wings of Truth screen background
You can use these video clips in your classes to introduce a particular topic. They are great discussion starters.

Also, I was asked to cut some DVDs (November 2016) to play in a DVD player. They are very low quality (early 1990s VHS). I've got about ten left. Email me with your mailing address if you would like one. And, if you know what you're doing, I've got an .ISO file to let you cut one of your own.


Download individual clips:
01 On Wings of Truth
02 Connie Fillmore describes Myrtles healing
03 John Strickland talks about prayer
04 Five teachers of Truth Principles at Unity
05 Topic #1 - Health
06 The Law of Mind Action
07 Affirmation and Denial
08 Prayer and Meditation
09 Giving Thanks
10 Topic #2 - Prosperity
11 Right Livelihood
12 Giving and Receiving
13 Topic #3 - Loving Relationships
14 Alone or All-One
15 Relationships
16 Marriage
17 Conclusion - Let There Be Peace on Earth

On Wings of Truth (entire video)