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Unity Metaphysics: 16 Developing a Prosperity Consciousness

Unity Metaphysics 2 (Tan Book)
16 Developing a Prosperity Consciousness

Unity Metaphysics (Tan) Book 2 Cover


“The secret of demonstration is to conceive what is true in Being and to carry out the concept in thought, word, and act. If I can conceive a truth, there must be a way by which I can make that truth apparent. If I can conceive of an inexhaustible supply existing in the omnipresent ethers, then there is a way by which I can make that supply manifest. Once your mind accepts this as an axiomatic truth it has arrived at the place where the question of process begins to be considered.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 37)

In the opening sentence of this paragraph Charles Fillmore lists the first step in following the principle of demonstration as “to conceive what is true in Being and to carry out the concept in thought, word, and act.” The question in some readers’ minds is, what exactly does it mean to “conceive what is true in Being?” This is simply another way of referring to recognizing a divine idea. Divine ideas are what is true in Being. Then someone might ask, “But how can I recognize a divine idea?” And the answer is that a human mind always does recognize a divine idea, because divine ideas are the true components of what we see and respond to as GOOD. Love, wisdom, health, order, etc. are divine ideas. Prosperity is a divine idea, and any divine idea that our minds conceive of can be brought into expression and manifestation.


“There is no lack of anything anywhere in reality. The only lack is the fear of lack in the mind of man. We do not need to overcome any lack, but we must overcome the fear of lack.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 52)

Most of us rush around trying to work out our problems for ourselves and in our own way, with one idea, one vision: The material thing we seek. We need to devote more time to silent meditation and, like the lilies of the field, simply be patient and grow into our demonstrations. We should remember always that these substance ideas with which we are working are eternal ideas that have always existed and will continue to exist, the same ideas that formed this planet in the first place and that sustain it now.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 34)

Lack in not a divine idea, therefore, it is not a reality in the true meaning of reality. Lack is a sort of mirage. People call it real because it appears. Lack appears. But is it real? The answer is the same as regarding a mirage in the desert. It appears. But is it real? You might say it is a “real mirage,” but spiritual awareness will replace the mirage with the real thing. Lack can be replaced by supply through spiritual consciousness.


THE KEY: “We do not have to wait until we have fully entered the kingdom or attained a complete understanding of Spirit before prosperity begins to be manifest, but we do have to see, to turn the attention in that direction.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 38)

“Daily concentration of mind on Spirit and its attributes will reveal that the elemental forces that make all material things are here in the ether awaiting our recognition and appropriation. It is not necessary to know all the details of the scientific law in order to demonstrate prosperity. Go into the silence daily at a stated time and concentrate on the substance of Spirit… This opens up a current of thought that will bring prosperity into your affairs.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 41)

The power of attention within consciousness is a very great power indeed—far greater than most persons realize. When the direction of consciousness is forward, or Godward, mighty energies are being generated, and prosperity results. What Mr. Fillmore says here about ease of success in demonstrating the prosperity law works the same in the healing law. This is dramatically symbolized in the Gospels in the incident of the woman who was healed after touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. This symbolizes successful results under the healing law without having intricate understanding of all the workings of that law. Just touching its “garment” with faith can get results. The same idea holds true in regard to prosperity.


“Thoughts are seeds that, when dropped or planted in the subconscious mind, germinate, grow, and bring forth their fruit in due season. The more clearly we understand this truth the greater will be our ability to plant the seeds that bring forth desirable fruits. After sowing the plants must be tended. After using the law, we must hold to its fulfillment. This is our part, but God gives the increase. You must work in divine order and not expect the harvest before the soil has been prepared or the seed sown. You have now the fruits of previous sowings. Change your thought seeds and reap what you desire. Some bring forth very quickly, others more slowly but all in divine order.” (Jesus Christ Heals 112)

In many of His parables Jesus used the illustration of seeds as representing thoughts and words of Truth. In this paragraph Mr. Fillmore reminds us that human beings can plant the seeds and can guard and tend the seeds, but that only God can give the increase. One of our most persistent enemies is impatience. Thoughts and words of Truth are seeds and must go through a process before becoming a harvested crop. It is during this time of process that impatience is most dangerous. The thing to remember is that the more patient we become during processing time, the shorter the time element becomes. The chances are that if we could totally overcome impatience our demonstrations might become quick enough to be called instantaneous.


“Every thought that goes forth from the brain sends vibrations into the surrounding atmosphere and moves the realm of things to action. The effect is in proportion to the ability of the thinker to concentrate his mental forces. The average thought vibration produces but temporary results, but under intense mind activity conditions more or less permanent are impressed upon the sensitive plate of the universal ether, and through this activity they are brought into physical manifestation.” (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 63)

We should be careful not to confuse true concentration with strained attention. True concentration can be quite relaxed. It simply has to be genuine. True concentration means that we keep an idea or a goal secure in mind. Frivolous or erratic changes of mind can spoil concentration, but intelligent changes of mind can actually be part of real concentration. It only has to be genuine and it will bring about the good results described in this paragraph.


“You will become more prosperous and successful so gradually, simply, and naturally that you will not realize that it derives from a divine source and in answer to your prayers. We must realize all the while however that whatever we put as seeds into the subconscious soil will eventually bring forth after its kind, and we must exercise the greatest caution so that we do not think or talk about insufficiency or allow others to talk to us about it. As we sow in mind, so shall we reap in manifestation.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 67)

As Charles Fillmore’s opening sentences of this paragraph tells us, “You will become more prosperous and successful so gradually, simply, and naturally that you will not realize that it derives from a divine source and in answer to your prayers.” This is so true. However, as Truth students we are so accustomed to hearing or reading about spectacular demonstrations of an amazing kind, especially in regard to prosperity, that we tend to feel inadequate when our own prosperity prayers are answered in a gradual but sensible way. This should not be. No one is inadequate who is trusting God and affirming His Truth. Success will come just as surely as day follows night. Patience, trust, and inner gratitude will ease whatever waiting period there may be.


“You should expect prosperity when you keep the prosperity law. Therefore, be thankful for every blessing that you gain and as deeply grateful for every demonstration as for an unexpected treasure dropped into your lap. This will keep your heart fresh; for true thanksgiving may be likened to rain falling upon ready soil, refreshing it and increasing its productiveness.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 105)

This paragraph speaks of thanksgiving for blessings received. But even more potent is thanksgiving IN ADVANCE of blessings received. To give thanks after a blessing does not usually require much of an effort. It is not hard to be polite when something nice has happened to us. But to give thanks before receiving may take some effort. All good effort is rewarded under spiritual law.


“All this is true not only of your own affairs. The effects extend also to those with whom you come in contact. They will become more prosperous and happy. They may not in any way connect their improvement with you or your thoughts, but that does not effect the truth about it. All causes are essentially mental, and whoever comes into daily contact with a high order of thinking must take on some of it. Ideas are catching, and no one can live in an atmosphere of true thinking, where high ideas are held, without becoming more or less inoculated with them.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 40)

It is a fact that other persons can be the beneficiaries of YOUR work on your own prosperity consciousness. We are never truly happy with our blessings unless there is some way of sharing them with others. In the case of being blessed with greater consciousness, we find great happiness by realizing that it sorts of “spills over” from us and touches others. Mr. Fillmore says, “Ideas are catching.” And an increased consciousness radiates Truth ideas in every direction.


“We are not studying prosperity to become rich but to bring out those characteristics that are fundamental to prosperity. We must learn to develop the faculty that will bring prosperity and the character that is not spoiled by prosperity.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 161)

“Again, he who seeks the kingdom of substance for the sake of the loaves and fishes he may get out of it will surely be disappointed in the end. He may get the loaves and fishes, that is quite possible; but if there remains in his soul any desire to use them for selfish ends, the ultimate result will be disastrous.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 19)

How to get supply is one thing. How to handle supply is another. The two must balance and complement each other. If not, there is no real prosperity. There can be a lot of “clutter,” but not true prosperity. The danger involved in the fact that it is relatively easy to use mental ways of getting supply is the temptation toward selfishness or acquisitiveness. These quickly become an addiction. True metaphysical thinking will enable a person to avoid this danger.

Transcribed by Phyllis Banhan on June 17, 2016.

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