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Unity Metaphysics: 04 Developing Gifts and Talents

Unity Metaphysics 2 (Tan Book)
04 Developing Gifts and Talents

Unity Metaphysics (Tan) Book 2 Cover


"When man gets his ingenious mind into action he always meets every emergency with something better. These many examples of the power of man's mind should make us pause when we are tempted to consider any situation disastrous or nearly so. Every adverse situation can be used as a spur to urge one to a greater exertion and the ultimate attainment of some ideal that has lain dormant in the subconscious. The pessimist moans, 'I could make a better world than this.' The optimist sings, 'Go to it; that's what God put you here for.'" (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 52)

Every person continually has to meet resistance in life. Resistance usually appears as a problem or challenge, or any type of opposition to what one likes or wants to do. The mind always has the ability to reconcile what we like and want to do with resistance. This effort brings forth a desirable outcome. It is this unique ability which is the constant potential in every human mind. The more it is used the stronger it becomes. In the Sermon on the Mount, the teachings of Jesus Christ are really all about how to meet resistance and challenges in life in a spiritually correct way.


"There is in man that which, when opened, will place him in direct contact with universal knowledge and enable him instantly and continuously to draw forth anything that he may wish to know. God is our fount of wisdom, even as He is our source of supply." (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 98)

"If you desire a thing, you set in motion the machinery of the universe to gain possession of it, but you must be zealous in the pursuit in order to attain the object of your desire. Desire goes before every act of your life, hence it is good. It is the very essence of good; it is God Himself in a phase of life." (The Twelve Powers of Man 131)

Some people are puzzled over Unity's wholehearted approval of desire and say that it is dangerous to call all desire good, since there may be desire for evil in some persons. Perhaps we should qualify this by specifying that it is desire for any good that is good! Desire is a very powerful thing in consciousness, much more powerful than many realize. Just as our faith generates the energy which can BECOME the miracle, desire actually generates the energy which works to cause the fulfillment. Jesus did not use the word "desire" very much. But He plainly saw it as the great motivating factor which causes a cooperative response from the universe. "Seek, and ye shall find. Ask, and ye shall receive. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."


"Spirit will find a way to lead you when you have freely and fully dedicated yourself to God, and you will be led in a path just a little different from that of anyone else. Your teaching has been in generalities, so when Spirit in its office as an individual guide shows you Truth different from that which you have been taught, you may object. If, for instance, you have been taught to ignore the body with all its passions and appetites, and Spirit in its instructions shows you that you are to recognize these appetites and passions as your misdirected powers, what are you going to do about it?" (The Twelve Powers of Man 154)

Mr. Fillmore reveals a very intriguing insight in this paragraph: "When Spirit in its office as an individual guide shows you. . ." This sentence refers to the fact that when we make an individual commitment of our lives to things spiritual, the spirit of Truth becomes a very personal guide to us. No longer just an abstract metaphysical concept, but an actual individual guiding Presence in our lives. When this happens, guidance becomes very personal and, as Mr. Fillmore says, it may be guidance of a type never received before.


"Much is heard about giving ourselves to service to the world, but how important is the self that we are offering? If we have found our real self the offer will be worthwhile, but if we are offering personality alone we shall never set the world afire." (Teach Us to Pray 161)

"If we start any such demonstration and try to apply the I AM to personality, we fall short. This is frequently the cause of lack of results in carrying out the laws that all metaphysicians recognize as fundamentally true. The mind does not always comprehend the I AM in its highest, neither does it discern that the all-knowing, omnipotent One is within man. This recognition must be cultivated, and everyone should become conscious of the I AM presence. This consciousness will come through prayer and meditation upon Truth." (Jesus Christ Heals 123)

There is a fine line of distinction between personality and individuality. Paradoxically, while personality enrichment is encouraged in the Unity teachings, sacrifice of personality is also encouraged under certain circumstances. Personality should be developed and enriched, but it should serve individuality, or the Real Self. There are times in life when a person's highest good requires personality to "decrease" so that Real Self may "increase." But the so-called sacrifice of a poorly developed personality is not worth very much, nor are efforts to exploit such a personality usually effective in the long run.


"It is the Spirit of Truth that talks to us in dreams, visions, and inner urges. The more we acknowledge the Spirit as our indwelling inspiration and life the stronger its consciousness will be to us." (Jesus Christ Heals 195)

"Instead of treating the visions of the night as idle dreams, we should inquire into them, seeking to know the cause and meaning of every mental picture. Every dream has origin in thought, and every thought makes a mind picture. The study of dreams and visions is an important one, because it is through these mental pictures that the Lord communicates with man in a certain stage of his unfoldment." (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 102)

While Charles Fillmore had a very strong conviction that all dreams are either prophetic in nature or are a form of guidance, not all persons in Unity share his viewpoint in this matter. The chances are that, given the consciousness of Mr. Fillmore, his dreams were of the nature he writes about. Many students of Unity, however, do not feel that the majority of their dreams are all that significant. This is an area where each of us must take responsibility and follow our own guidance.


"He who studies Mind may know how to 'discern the signs of the times.' He becomes familiar with certain underlying principles and he recognizes them in their different masks in the 'whirligig of time.' Under the veil of historical symbology the Scriptures portray the movements of Mind in its different cycles of progress. These cycles repeat themselves over and over again, but each time on a higher plane. Thus the sphere or circle is a type of the complete Mind, but in manifestation the circles are piled one on top of another in an infinite spiral." (Talks on Truth 16)

Metaphysical thinking is based upon cycles in life, rather than straight lines. Mr. Fillmore says, "Cycles repeat themselves over and over again, but each time on a higher plane." This statement is true ONLY IF A PERSON IS LEARNING AND GROWING. For those who do not learn and do not grow, the repeating of a cycle remains on the same level as in the past. But for those who are at least willing to be guided by Spirit, the repetition is not just a mechanical repetition, but becomes a part of progress and unfoldment.


"There can be no logical doubt that an all-wise and all-powerful Creator would plan perfection for His creations and also endow them with the ability to bring His plan into manifestation. That is the status of the world and its people. We are God's ideal conception of His perfect man and He has given us the power of thought and word through which to make that ideal manifest." (Jesus Christ Heals 16)

"How can you order your life by the divine plan? By accepting it as a truth that there is such a plan and by making this plan yours through affirming your oneness with the omnipresent Mind in which this plan exists in its righteousness." (Jesus Christ Heals 118)

When we think of the divine plan for our lives we should not make the mistake of thinking of it as a sort of "blueprint" that has been designed and is not to be changed in any way. This erroneous concept is called "predestination." Unity does not believe in that. The divine plan that Unity believes in is an organic thing. It is not a finished "blueprint" but is simply a term referring to the fact that there is always a right direction for us, always a right place for us, and that our good is always at hand for us. Within the divine plan we have constant opportunities for choice. There is always room for change. Being within the divine plan does not mean "following orders." It means to stay in the right direction. The right direction is forward, or Godward.


"One person may have a talent suppressed because of diffidence; another may have a talent rendered obnoxious by excessive egotism. This all shows that our powers are making servants of us. We must know who and what we are; we must take our place in the Godhead and marshal our forces." (Keep a True Lent 112)

How do we best marshal our forces? It must begin with our sense of I Am. Where is my sense of I Am at any given moment? What am I allowing to connect with my sense of I Am? These are important questions. Tremendous amounts of energy are squandered by those who let their sense of I Am become dominated by other things, especially negative emotions. But new energy can be generated and conserved by making effort to connect the sense of I Am with divine ideas. Especially the greatest of divine ideas for us: CHRIST WITHIN.

Transcribed by Phyllis Banhan on June 24, 2016.