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Unity Metaphysics: 09 Developing a Healing Consciousness

Unity Metaphysics 2 (Tan Book)
09 Developing a Healing Consciousness

Unity Metaphysics (Tan) Book 2 Cover


“The first move in all healing is a recognition on the part of the healer and on the part of the patient that God is present as an all-powerful mind, equal to the healing of every disease, no matter how bad it may appear. "With God all things are possible." (Teach Us to Pray 177)

Faith is our great affirmative power. In developing a healing consciousness faith works by affirming the omnipresence of God and all divine ideas. The divine idea is always of a greater dimension than any existing thing. In the case of a healing need, the divine idea of health is greater and more powerful than anything on the level of existing sickness. Faith (affirmations) makes contact with that greater dimension of power and causes the needed adjustment which manifest as healing.


“The first step in all spiritual healing is faith, and the next is receptivity.” (Teach Us to Pray 152)

“Health, real health, is from within and does not have to be manufactured in the without. It is the normal condition of man, a condition true to the reality of his being. The first step in all spiritual healing is the using of faith, and the next step is to become open and receptive to the stream of healing life.” (Keep a True Lent 173)

Actually, receptivity can be understood as a part of faith. Faith is our great affirmative power. Receptivity is a result of using faith to affirm willingness. Jesus said to the man at the pool of Bethesda, Wilt thou be made whole?” In modern English this would be stated, “Are you willing to be healed?” If a person affirms his willingness toward health, he will become very receptive to the idea, and the idea will be transformed into an experience of being healed.


“In his right relation, man is the inlet and the outlet of an everywhere present life, substance, and intelligence. When his ‘I’ recognizes this fact and adjusts itself to the invisible expressions of the one Mind, man’s mind becomes harmonious; his life, vigorous and perpetual; his body, healthy. It is imperative that the individual understand this relation in order to grow naturally. (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 22)

One of the best health-producing exercises for our minds is realizing one’s self as the inlet and the outlet for all divine ideas. Divine ideas generate energies which culminate as manifestations and experiences in us and for us. A human being is both a receiving station and a broadcasting station for divine ideas such as intelligence, love, substance, and life. We can use and share all of them. If we do so willingly and gratefully, our consciousness will continually improve, and so will the state of our health.


“The fruit of your thought is your body, and you can judge your thought by the character of your body. So also can you change your body by changing your thoughts. Then here is the key to the situation: To resurrect the body we must change our thoughts. Every thought must be in accordance with absolute Truth; there must be no adverse thought.” (Talks on Truth 116)

Many readers are disturbed by statements such as: “the fruit of your thought is your body,” and “Every thought must be in accordance with absolute Truth.” Statements such as these, however, should not turn a reader away from the generally helpful idea of the paragraph. The point is that our thinking does have a direct effect on our bodies, perhaps not as literally as is implied in this paragraph, but, to the extent that it does behoove us to pay attention to the general trend of our thinking.


“A good healing drill is to deny the mental cause first, then the physical appearance. The mental condition should first be healed. Then the secondary state, which it has produced in the body, must be wiped out and the perfect state affirmed.” (Jesus Christ Heals 36)

“To demonstrate principle keep establishing yourself in certain statements (affirmations) of the law. The more often you present to your mind a logical and true proposition, the stronger becomes the inner feeling of realization.” (Keep a True Lent 177)

One of the questions which arise in many minds in regard to denials is: “Do I have to find out exactly what the error is in my consciousness before I can deny it?” In many cases the error will become apparent and one will know what it is. In such a case, the denial will probably be quite specific. But even if one does not know exactly what the error is, denial can still be used effectively. One can deny whatever the cause is without having to identify the cause by naming it, just as a person can forgive sin without knowing the names of all the sins. Affirmations, however, are verbalized divine ideas, and it is helpful to know what divine ideas we wish to verbalize and to call them by their right names.


“By experimentation modern metaphysical healers have discovered a large number of laws that rule in the realm of mind, and they agree that no two cases are exactly alike. Therefore, one who prays for the health of another should understand that it is not the fault of the healing principle that his patient is not instantly restored. The fault may be in his own lack of persistency or understanding; or it may be due to the patient’s dogged clinging to discordant thoughts. In any case the one who prays must persist in this prayer until the walls of resistance are broken down and the healing currents are tuned in. Metaphysicians often pray over a critical case all night.” (Jesus Christ Heals 85)

Each need we encounter is unique. Even though the symptoms may appear to be identical to those of other cases, the case itself is not exactly like any other. Each healing need should be approached with the attitude that it is one of a kind. This prevents us from getting too literal and mechanical in our spiritual efforts. Another important point in this paragraph is the challenge of subconscious (or unconscious) resistance. Human resistance to divine help is a great mystery which necessitates much persistence in prayer in certain cases. NOTE: In a case where a patient simply will not give up inner resistance; will not accept the divine idea of health, the person praying should not feel guilty about it. Each soul has its own freedom of choice, and each soul is entitled to its secret reasons for making choices.


“Every Christian healer has had experiences where persistent prayer saves his patient. If he had merely said one prayer, as if giving a prescription for the Lord to fill, he would have fallen far short of demonstrating the law. Elijah prayed persistently until the little cloud appeared or, as we would say, he had a ‘realization;’ then the manifestation followed.” (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 127)

In cases where persistence in prayer is needed we can think of it as a type of exercise. Just as physical exercise strengthens the body, mental exercise can strengthen consciousness. Prayer is the highest type of all exercises, and repetition of prayer strengthens the soul. A person who prays sincerely will receive personal inner guidance as to how much or how little repetition is necessary in each case.


“In our silent meditations and prayers we must infuse into the inner mind realms the same energy that, used without, would make us notable in some worldly achievement. But unless we do this inner work and lay the foundation of strength and power in the subjective mind, we shall find ourselves in failing health when called upon for extra exertion in some great effort.” (The Twelve Powers of Man 123)

Charles Fillmore recognized that energy can be utilized in two ways: (1) investing it in some outer aim to accomplish a good result, or, (2) investing it as a “reserve pool” in the inner realms of the soul. Through his writings he urges us to do both, but to be particularly careful that we do not fail to do this “inner investing.” He felt that this inner reserve was especially needful in times of unexpected events.


“Remember that the object of all treatment is to raise the mind to the Christ consciousness, through which all true healing is accomplished.” (Teach Us to Pray 178)

“Be of good cheer. The intelligence that created your body knows how to repair it. Get still, relax, turn your attention to the sustaining life forces within your organism.” (Teach Us to Pray 105)

Greater consciousness should be the primary aim of any spiritual effort we make. We may have other reasons also, but these should be secondary. Such things as health, prosperity and happiness are results, not causes. The cause of any worthwhile thing for us is our forward (Godward) direction of consciousness.

Transcribed by Phyllis Banhan on June 23, 2016.

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