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Unity Metaphysics: 05 Salvation

Unity Metaphysics 2 (Tan Book)
05 Salvation

Unity Metaphysics (Tan) Book 2 Cover


"'Transmutation—The conversion of one element into another.' - Webster. In consciousness transmutation is a changing in action and character to conform to spiritual standards. It is well said that the mind is the crucible in which the ideal is transmuted into the real." (Keep a True Lent 187)

"Just in proportion as a person yields willingly and obediently to the transforming process does he demonstrate the Truth. All that pertains to self must be put away as fast as it is revealed, and that which is of the universal, the Christ, must take its place." (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 74)

Transmutation of consciousness from literalism and selfishness into spiritual understanding is the salvation taught in Unity. This does not occur automatically or mechanically as a result of professing certain religious beliefs, but occurs only as a result of individual effort. The first effort is a matter of choice: does the person want it or not? Further efforts consist of (1) forgiveness of sins (2) regular prayer and meditation times (3) study of metaphysical Truth principles (4) commitment to Spirit.


"The desire to live does not cease when the body dies. The mind lives on, not in heaven or hell, but in the states of consciousness that it has cultivated in life. Mind does not change with a change of environment." (The Twelve Powers of Man 173)

"As man goes forward in his unfoldment, there is sometimes a tendency toward the surface of consciousness, or the phenomenal, and a gradual loss of interest in the original sources of action. The phenomenal phase of creation is so interesting that man sometimes becomes bewildered in its study or its pleasure, and the originating cause may be ignored to the point of forgetfulness." (The Twelve Powers of Man 98)

Unity does not attempt to give any really comprehensive analysis of the experience called death, for the simple and honest reason that we feel we do not know enough about what it actually is. Unity concentrates instead on how to correctly experience life, because we feel we do know enough about that. Our recognized authority for our teachings about life is Jesus Christ. "I came that they may have LIFE, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10)


"From the standpoint of creative Mind it is plain that re-embodiment serves a purpose in affording opportunities for spiritual development. All that is gained in spiritual growth in one's life experience becomes part of the individual's real identity; and if he is faithful, he will finally gather such a store of spiritual power and wisdom that he can demonstrate salvation of his body through Christ who is 'able to save to the uttermost.' But, we would repeat, reincarnation is only an opportunity." (Keep a True Lent 97)

"Reincarnation is not a part of the Divine Plan and does not lift man out of mortal limitations. It is not an aid to spiritual growth, but merely a makeshift until full Truth is discerned." (Revealing Word/Reincarnation)

Charles Fillmore believed that reincarnation is the experience of most (or all) souls at this period of human evolution. The main reason for this belief is that it appears as the most logical view to our human thinking. Also most of the great ancient and Oriental religions taught it, and many people believe that there is biblical support for it.


"In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus laid down the law for those who desire to follow Him into the regeneration—to be born again. If you seek this spiritual birth, examine your daily life and see whether you are conforming to its requirements." (Talks on Truth 86)

"Jesus prayed much by Himself and spent long hours in silent communion with God. Those who have even in a slight degree opened the Christ consciousness in themselves, so that it flows forth and recognizes the universal Mind, can readily understand that Jesus was in the silence with God, getting the power and wisdom necessary to do His work." (Talks on Truth 137)

Regeneration, as Unity uses the term, refers to attainment of a degree of spiritual consciousness so great that it gives a person complete control of his expression of life. He is in control as Spirit, soul, and BODY. There need be no more mechanical (or involuntary) "death." Regeneration seems to be an idea whose time has come. More and more persons are discovering this idea, and while not all can accept it even after it has been discovered, at least the idea has taken a valid place in race consciousness. The more persons accept and work with the idea of regeneration, the more they begin to experience its results.


"Jesus still lives in the spiritual ethers of this world and is in constant contact with those who raise their thoughts to Him in prayer. The promise was not an idle one that He would be with those who have faith in Him." (Jesus Christ Heals 11)

"Jesus Christ broadcast the electrons of His blood into the race thought atmosphere, and they may be apprehended by all who believe in Him. These electrons become centers of energy and life in those who appropriate them, and thus men gradually transform and regenerate their blood and their body. This is the real spiritual meaning of being saved by Jesus Christ." (Teach Us to Pray 64)

This is a highly mystical concept, but one in which many Truth students find strength and encouragement. Mr. Fillmore came to view Jesus Christ as a living presence in the race consciousness. Also, there are many Truth students who feel that Jesus lives among us in His words. The words of Jesus are taking on greater and greater meaning for those who study them and think about them. Many feel that the second coming of Jesus is occurring now in the form of His words coming to life in our human understanding.


"A most important part of the law of mind action is the fact of thought-unity. It is absolutely necessary to understand the nature of this fact before one can demonstrate the power of the super-conscious mind. Among our associates, we like and are attracted to those who understand and sympathize with our thoughts. The same holds true in Divine Mind—Its thoughts are drawn to and find expression in the minds of those who raise themselves to its thought standard." (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 24)

"The Law of Life is revealed to the mind of man through conscious thinking. Give attention to the omnipresent intelligence and it will make you wise. The 'Light which lighteth every man, coming into the world' is here, as the atmosphere is here." (Talks on Truth 151)

When reduced to its very simplest aspect, the law of mind action is: like attracts like, like begets like. It is very easy to learn this, but it is also very easy to forget it. All metaphysical Truth teachings that are concerned with the human level of existence are based on the law of mind action: like attracts like; like begets like. Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. The law of mind action works in conjunction with the formative power of thought. This is the great metaphysical secret that Jesus taught mostly in veiled form, in parables and in very esoteric statements. The second paragraph above contains an important insight which Charles Fillmore demonstrated in his own life, and which many Truth students are discovering for themselves today: "Give attention to the omnipresent intelligence and IT WILL MAKE YOU WISE."

5G "ASK... SEEK... KNOCK":

"No one ever attained spiritual consciousness without striving for it. The first step is to ask. ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Prayer is one form of asking, seeking, and knocking. Then make your mind receptive to the higher understanding through silent mediations and affirmations of Truth. The earnest desire to understand spiritual things will open the way and revelation within and without will follow.” (The Twelve Powers of Man 93)

Among the important things that Jesus said to mankind is one of the clearest and simplest: "Ask. . . seek. . . knock. . ." Jesus did not specify about details. He only instructed us to "ask", "seek", "knock", and we would "receive", "find", and "have opened to us."


"Spiritual-minded people are being united today, as in the past, by zones of spiritual force that will eventually become the permanent thought atmosphere of the planet. In Revelation this is typified as the New Jerusalem descending out of the heavens into the earth." (Jesus Christ Heals 84)

The new age which mankind on earth is beginning to experience (at least in its initial stages) goes by many names in the symbolism of various schools of thought. On the Old Testament level of thinking it is conceived of as the "promised land." On the New Testament level of thinking it is called "the kingdom of heaven," "the regeneration," "the second coming of the Son of man," "the new birth," and lastly, "the New Jerusalem." In other schools of thought it is referred to simply as "the New Age," or "the age of Aquarius." Charles Fillmore strongly believed in the coming of this new age. And he also believed that once it began, the pace of its unfoldment would accelerate as more and more persons became conscious of it as an individual experience.

Transcribed by Phyllis Banhan on June 24, 2016.

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