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Unity Metaphysics: 20 Keys To Demonstration

Unity Metaphysics 2 (Tan Book)
20 Keys To Demonstration

Unity Metaphysics (Tan) Book 2 Cover


“Purpose gives joy and zest to living. When our eye is on the goal we are not so easily perturbed. Purpose awakens new trains of thought; purpose directs these trains of thought into new fields of achievement. Really to succeed we must have some great purpose in mind, some goal toward which we are to work. (Teach Us to Pray 45)

We might also consider the word “motivation” along with purpose. Both purpose and motivation are generated in consciousness through the faculty of zeal. As we become more aware of our twelve powers we should praise these powers and thank God constantly for them. This causes an increase in their functioning through us. Quickened zeal will work to make us more and more aware of spiritual motivation and good purposes in our life. Life then becomes more interesting and enjoyable.


“By meditation man lights up the inner mind, and he receives more than he can put into words. Only those who have strengthened their interior faculties can appreciate the wonderful undeveloped possibilities in man.” (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 86)

“We get our most vivid revelations when in a meditative state of mind. This proves that when we make the mind trustful and confident, we put it in harmony with creative Mind; then its force flows to us in accordance with the law of like attracting like.” Jesus Christ Heals 82)

Meditation becomes more enjoyable and beneficial as one practices it. Things can happen in a person’s mind as a result of meditation which may not happen through any other means. Illuminations, insights, expanded viewpoints—all these and many other good things can be experienced in the mind of one who meditates correctly.


“Do not supplicate or beg God to give you what you need, but get still and think about the inexhaustible resources of infinite Mind, its presence in all its fullness, and its constant readiness to manifest itself when its laws are complied with. This is what Jesus meant when He said, ‘Seek ye first His kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Jesus Christ Heals 77)

“Pray with persistence and pray with understanding. Be insistant in prayer; and never allow anything to keep you from having your daily quiet hour of communion with God, your own indwelling Father.” (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 32)

Jesus taught that God is always more willing to give than we are willing to receive. This is the real meaning of the statement that God’s will is greater than ours. When we realize this, prayer becomes easy. Prayer is the method we can use to fulfill the Law of the Word. Three ways which we can use to fulfill the law of the Word (prayer) are: (1) asking (2) affirming (3) giving thanks in advance.


“When Peter tried to walk on the water to meet Jesus, he went down in the sea of doubt. He saw too much wetness in the water, He saw the negative side of the proposition, and it weakened his demonstration. If you want to demonstrate, never consider the negative side.” (Jesus Christ Heals 106)

In addition to Charles Fillmore’s advice to “never consider the negative side,” we might add: “never become fearful because of a negative side.” Peter did not sink just because he “saw” the “wetness in the water.” He began to sink because he became “AFRAID.” It is not just admitting the existence of the negative aspect of anything which hurts us or spoils our demonstration. It is often either identifying with the negative, or letting the negative cause us to become fearful, which hurts our demonstration.


“If you will start right now with the idea of universal and eternal goodness uppermost in your mind, talk only about the good, and see with your mind’s eye everything and everybody as good, then you will soon be demonstrating all kinds of good. Good thoughts will become a habit, and good will manifest itself to you. You will see it everywhere.” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 60)

“Pronounce every experience good, and of God, and by that mental attitude you will call forth only the good. What seemed error will disappear, and only the good will remain. This is the law, and no one can break it. The adversary always flees before the mind that is fixed on the pure, the just, and the upright. There is no error in all the universe that can stand for one moment in the presence of the innocent mind. Innocence is its own defense, and he who invokes the Father with pure motive and upright heart need not fear any experience.” (Talks on Truth 107)

There is a universal Principle of good that is omnipresent. We are connected to that Principle through our minds and may use our minds to affirm the presence of the Principle at all times and under all circumstances. This does not mean that every “thing” is good or that every “event” is good or that every personality is always good. It does mean that the principle of good is always present. There is some degree of innate good in ANYTHING THAT EXISTS. There has to be some validity, some meaning, some usefulness. Even if one cannot see any trace of it, the innate good is somehow, some way there. If we make an effort to perceive it, affirm its presence, and give thanks in advance for its revelation, we will experience good results.


“Resolve to become one with God through Christ. Harmonize yourself with Him and all your world will be in harmony. Be on the alert to see harmony everywhere. Do not magnify seeming differences. Do no keep up any petty divisions but continually declare the one universal harmony. This will insure perfect order and wholeness. The Christ Mind is here as the unifying principle of this race, and we must believe in this Mind working in us and through us and know that through it we are joined to the Father-Mind.” (Jesus Christ Heals 131)

Harmony is a divine idea, and all divine ideas can be assimilated into our experience. We can experience ANY DIVINE IDEA directly by (1) believing in the idea, and (2) becoming totally willing toward the idea and affirming it. If a person will do these things, he has done his part. Then the divine idea will do its part. It will become that person’s experience.


“Let your words of praise and blessing be to Spirit and the increase will be even greater than it has been when addressed to man. The resources of Spirit are beyond our highest flights of imagination. You can praise a weak body into strength, a fearful heart into peace and trust; shattered nerves into poise and power; a failing business into prosperity and success; want and insufficiency into supply and support.” (Teach Us to Pray 92)

There is a statement in this paragraph to which we should pay very close attention and take to heart: “The resources of Spirit are BEYOND OUR HIGHEST FLIGHTS OF IMAGINATION.” If we can remember this, we will learn to trust Spirit more than we ever had before. We will rise above all doubt or mistrust where Spirit is concerned.

20H – LOVE:

“Love does not seek its own—its own comes to it without being sought.” (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 135)

“When love, the universal magnet, is brought into action in the consciousness of our race, it will change all our methods of supplying human wants. It will harmonize all the forces of nature and will dissolve the discords that now infest earth and air. It will control the elements until they obey man and bringing forth that which will supply all his needs, without the labor that is called the sweat of his face. The earth shall yet be made paradise by the power of love. That condition will begin to set in for each one just as soon as he develops the love nature in himself.” (Talks on Truth 61)

The kingdom of love on earth is something every person really wants in his heart of hearts. Even those who appear to disrupt the earth probably want this kingdom of love in the deeper levels of their souls. But love, like peace, can only be established by individuals. As we become more loving, we are fulfilling our responsibility of INDIVIDUALITY. Only in this way can we ever become a part of the kingdom of love on earth.


“Jesus went back to the very source of all discord, and showed how all resistance and antagonism must cease. He did not stop to argue whether the cause was just or not, but He said, ‘Agree with thine adversary quickly;’ ‘If any man would go to the law with thee, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.’ To the mortal mind this seems like foolishness, but Jesus spoke out of the inner wisdom that knows that it is dangerous to allow any kind of opposing thoughts to form in consciousness. He knew that the universal law of justice would adjust all matters, if men would trust it and cease fighting mentally for their rights.” (Keep a True Lent 175)

There is something in every life which Jesus calls “the adversary,” and it is in dealing with this “adversary” that correct nonresistance is necessary. This “adversary” is a force that is a necessary part of human life. It comes in many forms, mostly as opposition, difficulties, delays, or “challenges” as we prefer to say in Unity. It must come for it is a necessary part of the creative process. Here is where nonresistance is important. Resisting, resenting, fighting the “adversary” only increases it. Finding a way to harmonize and blend our desire and our “adversary” is a full-time job on earth. When we do this correctly, good results appear. This is the pattern which Jesus Christ revealed to us as the ongoing process of our evolution within God’s creation.

Transcribed by Phyllis Banhan on June 22, 2016.

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