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Metaphysical meaning of reincarnation (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of reincarnation (rw)
reincarnation--When a soul leaves the body, it rests for a season. Then innate desire for material expression asserts itself, and the ego seeks the primal cell and builds another body. This is reincarnation. Reincarnation will continue until the ego awakens to the Christ Mind and through it builds an imperishable body.

Ed Rabel

Little needs to be added to the clear and logical statements concerning reincarnation in these paragraphs except to comment on one point. In light of the current findings in the relatively new science of genetics, Mr. Fillmore's statement that "the ego seeks the PRIMAL CELL AND BUILDS ANOTHER BODY" sounds very similar to the DNA "programming" that goes into the PRIMAL FERTILIZED CELL of the soon-to-be-formed embryo. This scientific discovery came long after Mr. Fillmore wrote these words.

Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, Spiritual Evolution, Reincarnation

- Ed Rabel

The law of Being is broken by sin and death. Resurrection or regeneration in this body here and now--not reincarnation--is the aim of overcomers. Reincarnation is the result of man's use of the great forces of Mind, enabling an ego or soul that has been separated from the vehicle of expression (the body) again to attract to it the necessary substance to reconstruct the body-consciousness and to have another opportunity for the demonstration of the Truth of Being, but reincarnation is not a part of the divine plan and does not lift man out of mortal limitations. It is not an aid to spiritual growth, but merely a makeshift until full Truth is discerned.

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