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Ferrar Fenton Bible: Matthew 9

Cure of a Paralytic

Consequently, embarking in the boat, He recrossed, and came to his own town. And then they brought to Him a paralytic, lying upon a rug; and when Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, "Take heart, man! your sins are forgiven you."

Some of the professors, however, muttered to themselves, "The Man blasphemes."

But Jesus, reading their thoughts, replied, "Why do you think evil in your hearts?

"For which is easier to say—'Your sins are forgiven'; or to say, Arise and walk'? But in order that you may see that the Son of Man has authority to forgive sins upon earth (He then said to the paralytic), Rise up! take your rug, and go into your own house."

And having got up, he went into his house. Then when the crowd saw it, they were astonished; and they gave praise to God, Who had given such power to men.

And passing on from there, Jesus saw a man named Matthew, sitting at the custom-house; and he said to him, "Follow Me." And arising, he did follow Him.

A Conversation at Table

It so happened that while He reclined in the house, several tax-farmers and reprobates, arriving, reclined with Jesus and His disciples. And the Pharisees, observing it, said to His disciples, "Why does your Teacher eat along with those tax-farmers and sinners?"

But Jesus, having heard it, replied, "The healthy have no need of a physician; but only those who are sick. Go, however, and learn what this means:


for I have not come to invite righteous men, but sinners."

The disciples of John afterwards approached Him, inquiring, "Why do we and the Pharisees often fast, while your disciples never fast?"

In reply, Jesus said to them, "The groomsmen must not be distressed while the Bridegroom is with them. But the time will come when the Bridegroom will depart, and they can then fast. Further, no one patches an old coat with a bit of new felt; for the patch would disfigure the coat, and be worse than the hole! Neither do they pour new wine into old wineskins; for if they did, the skins would burst, the wine be spilt, and the skins-destroyed. On the contrary, they pour new wine into new wine-skins, and both are safe together."

A Girl and Woman Cured

While He was thus speaking to them, a nobleman, arriving, bowed to Him, saying, "My daughter is almost dead. However, if You come and place Your hand upon her, she will live."

And Jesus rising, followed him with His disciples.

Then a woman who had suffered from hemorrhage for twelve years, approaching Him from behind, touched the hem of His robe; for she said to herself, "If I can but touch His robe, I shall be cured."

Jesus however turned, and seeing her, said, "Cheer up, daughter! your faith has saved you." And the woman was cured from that very hour.

When Jesus arrived at the house of the nobleman, and found the musicians and the crowd lamenting, Hes aid to them, "Go away! for the girl is not dead, but has fainted." And they laughed at Him in ridicule. But when He had dismissed the crowd, entering, He took her hand and raised the girl. And the report of it went through the whole of that district.

Cure of Two Blind Men

And when Jesus withdrew from there, two blind men followed Him, calling out and saying, " Pity us, Son of David!" Then when He had entered the house, the blind men came to Him; and Jesus asked them, "Do you believe that I can do this?"

"Yes, Sir! "was their answer.

He then touched their eyes, remarking, "As your faith, so shall the result be."

And their eyes were opened; and Jesus enjoined them to "Take care and inform no one about it." But they, departing, published His fame through all that neighbourhood.

A Dumb Demoniac Restored

Then as soon as they went out, there was brought to Him a dumb man, a demoniac. And when He had cast out the demon, the dumb man spoke; and the astonished crowd exclaimed, "Nothing like this has ever appeared in Israel!" The Pharisees, however, remarked, "By the Prince of the demons He casts out the demons."

Jesus then went about all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom as well as curing every mental disease and every sickness. Observing the crowds, however, He felt pity for them, because they were harassed and abandoned like shepherdless sheep. He therefore said to His disciples, "The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the workmen are few. Ask therefore the Owner of the harvest, so that He may send workmen to His harvest."

Then calling together His twelve disciples, He gave them power over unclean spirits, so that they might cast them out, as well as cure every kind of mental disease and all sickness.


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Transcribed by Mark Hicks on 12-30-2014