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Metaphysical meaning of demons (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of demons (mbd)
demons, de'-mons (Gk.)--a superior power (for good or for evil); a god; ·a devil. As a rule the New Testament usage refers to an evil spirit; that is, a ruling consciousness that dethrones the normal reason.

Meta. Demons, or evil spirits, are conditions of mind, or states of consciousness, that have been developed because the creative power of man has been used in an unwise or an ignorant way. If in thought or in word you are using your creative power in an ignorant way, you are bringing forth an ego or a personality of like character. The mind builds states of consciousness that become established in brain and body. Both good and evil are found in the unregenerate man, but in the new birth evil and all its works must be cast out. The work of every overcomer is to cast out of himself the demons of sin and evil, through the power and dominion of his indwelling Christ.

Obsessions, dual personalities, and all mental aberrations are the result of personal error thoughts' crystallizing around the will of man. This crystallization must be broken up with a focalized thought energy of greater power, such as is found in the Christ I AM. We are empowered by the name of Jesus Christ to "cast out demons" (Mark 16:17). To reach the place referred to as "my name," affirm your unity with the Christ I AM; then silently, or audibly if you are so moved, speak the word of rebuke directly to the false personality.

"Jesus rebuked him; and the demon went out of him" (Matt. 17:18). He "suffered not the demons to speak" (Mark 1:34). These texts mean that Jesus did not admit for a moment that demons have any power; nor did He allow them to affirm power, but with the "finger of God" (Luke 11:20) He cast them forth. He concentrated the dissolving power of Spirit upon them and their hold was broken.

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