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Ferrar Fenton Bible: Joel 2

A Wail over Quick-coming Woes.

  Blow the Trumpet in Zion !
    Arouse My Holy Mountain !
  Let all tremble who dwell in the land ;
  For the day of the Lord marches on, — it comes near !—
    A day of thick darkness and gloom, —
  A day of black clouds and of blackness,
  Like darkness spread out on the Hills ;—
  A numerous People and mighty !
  Their like has not been from of old, —
  Nor after them will be repeated,
  To the years of the ages on ages !

  Before them a fire consumes, —
And after them bright flames are blazing !
The land like a Garden of Eden before,
  And after, a desolate desert !
And there is no refuge against them !—
  What terrible horsemen they seem !—
Like chariots onward fierce rushing
With a crash on the top of the mountains !—
  They crackle like roarings of flame,
  Like fire devouring the stubble !
Like a powerful army when charging in war.

The Nations before them all quiver, —
All faces before them are livid !
Like heroes they rush on their way, —
They mount up the wall as do warriors, —
Advancing each one in his rank, —
And who never break out from their line, —
Or anyone jostle his fellow !—
They boldly march straight on their way,
And from the artillery shrink not !
They charge to the walls of a town !—
They rush on approaching the buildings !
Like robbers they climb to the windows,
Before them earth trembles, skies shake ;—
The Sun and the Moon put on mourning !
The Stars also cease from their shining.

  Thus the Lord utters His voice
    At the head of His army !—
  His encampment is spread very wide,
    And His order works very strongly ;
  And great is the Day of the Lord, —
  And terrible !— Who can abide it ?

“But, now,” says Jehovah, “ return, —
And with all your hearts come near to Me.
With fasting, and weeping and grief ;
Tear your hearts, — and not only your robes
And return to Jehovah your God.” —
  For He has compassion, — is kind, —
Slow to anger and great in His mercy ;—
And it grieves Him to punish the sinful, —
Who knows but that He will turn back,
And leave us a blessing behind,
Of bread, and of wine for our Life-living God ?

The Call to Repentance.

  Blow the Trumpet in Zion !
  Fix a Fast, and proclaim a restraint, —
Let the Nation collect to a solemn Assembly, —
  Bring up the old, and collect all the young ;
    Bring out the child at the breast,
With the Bridegroom and Bride from their chamber.
And weep at the Porch and the Altar, —
  You Priests who attend on the Lord,
Let them cry, “O ! Lord, pity Your people ;
  Give not Your estate to reproach,
For the Heathen to govern among them.
For why should they ask in the heathen,
  ‘What has become of their God ?’”

Then the Lord will feel love for His country,
    And for His poor people feel pity ;
  And answering the Lord will reply, —
“I will send you the corn and the wine,
And you of the oil shall have plenty ;
You shall not be a scorn to the heathen,
But I will drive from you the Northmen,
And expel to a desert and waterless land.
With his van to the Sea of the East,
And his rear to the Sea of the West,
  And his stink shall come up,
  And his stink shall arise,
  Although he has done mighty deeds !”

Fear not, my country, but laugh and be glad,
For the Lord can accomplish great things !
Fear not, you herds of the field, —
For the herbs of the pastures shall spring,
And the trees shall be loaded with fruits,
And the fig and the vine give their wealth !
Let the children of Zion be glad
And rejoice in Jehovah your God, —
Who will give you the rain by its law,
And pour for you plentiful showers,
And the rain of the Spring, as before,
And fill up your garners with grain,
And pour out wine and oil for your cellars,
And repay you because of the years
That the locust, and licker, and gnawer,
  And Grub have devoured, —
My Great Army I sent upon you.

And then you shall eat and be full,
And give thanks to the Name of the Life,
Your God Who does wonders for you,
That My people may never be shamed,
But learn that in Israel I dwell,
And that I am your Life-giving God ;—
And that there is no one beside,
And My people need never be shamed !

Transcribed by Alastair Aikman on 06-24-2015