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Ferrar Fenton Bible: Joel 3

And then after that I will pour My Spirit upon all mankind ;—
And your sons and your daughters be glad ;
And your Old Men be dreamers of dreams ;
And at visions your young men shall look !
  And also on servants and slaves,
My Spirit I then will pour out,
And fix signs in the sky, and on earth, —
Blood, and Fire, and Columns of smoke !
The Sun shall to Darkness be turned,
And the Moon shall be changed into Blood, —
Ere the Day of the Lord will arrive,
That Great and that terrible Day !
All who call on the Lord’s Name will escape, —
For on Zion’s hill, and in Salem, a refuge shall be,
As the Lord has declared, —
And whom the Lord calls will be safe !

Transcribed by Alastair Aikman on 06-24-2015