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Metaphysical meaning of widow (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of widow (rw)
widow--One who has lost sight of God as support. When the conscious mind has ceased to be positive, the subconscious mind becomes like a "widow." The conscious unity between the mind and the vitality of the organism has been severed, and there is lack and burden (debt). This takes place eventually in all who do not consciously take possession of the twelve faculties in the organism.

The "widow" in Luke 18:1-5 typifies a belief in lack. Lack is not good in itself, but it serves to call man's attention to the law (judge). Dependence on the judgments of the law, without consciousness of love, subjects one to hard experience and laborious expression.

Jesus portrays the power of affirmative prayer, or repeated silent demands for justice, as a widow, one bereft of worldly protection and power. Under her persistence even the ungodly judge succumbs. The unceasing prayer of faith is commanded in the Scriptures, in various places.

widow of Zarephath--The widow of Zarephath, to whom Elijah was sent for sustenance, represents love bereft of wisdom. She represents the divine feminine, while Elijah here is the divine masculine or wisdom. Separated they are both in a state of semi-starvation but when they are joined in consciousness, increase at once begins and lack ceases. "The jar of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail" (I King 17:9-16).

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