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Metaphysical meaning of Zarephath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zarephath (mbd)
Zarephath, zar'–e–phath (Heb.)--place of refinement; smelter; smelting place; place of purification with fire; place of purity; place of trial.

The place where lived the widow who fed Elijah during the famine. According to the story she gave him the last of the supply of food that she had on hand, whereupon there continued to be sufficient food for them throughout the whole period of the famine (I Kings 17 :9; Luke 4 :26).

Meta. The purifying fires of the inner subjective life centers.

Zarephath means place of refinement, smelting place, place of purification with fire, and smelting is the extracting of precious metals by heat. This refining work is literally what takes place in the man who has let sense expression deplete him until he is forced to give up and turn to the purifying fires of Spirit for renewal; thus the error is separated from the true, it is put away, and the true strength, substance, power, life, and other spiritual qualities come forth in renewed expression. It is at Zarephath that the widow (love bereft of wisdom), in a state of partial starvation, gives her little supply of substance and joy to the sustenance of spiritual life and wisdom, and receives an all–sufficient supply in return.

The widow in Zarephath represents the divine feminine, or the love principle, in individual consciousness. Elijah is the divine masculine, or wisdom. Separated, these are both in a state of lack, but when they are joined in consciousness, increase at once begins and there is abundant good. "The jar of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail "

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