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Metaphysical meaning of debt (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of debt (rw)
debt--A contradiction of the universal equilibrium. There is no such thing as lack of equilibrium in all the universe; therefore, in Spirit and in Truth there is no debt.

Debts are produced by thoughts of lack, impatient desire, and covetousness. A thought of debt will produce debt. As long as we believe in debt, we shall go into debt and accumulate the burdens that follow this thought. When such thoughts are erased from consciousness, our debts are overcome and paid in full.

debt, how to overcome--Thoughts of abundance will more quickly and surely bring what is ours to us than any thoughts we can hold about debtors discharging their obligations to us. We are to see abundance everywhere and to affirm it, not only for ourselves but for everyone else. We shall fill our mind with thoughts of divine love, justice, peace, and forgiveness. This will pay our debts of love, which will bring to us abundance to meet every obligation.

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