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Metaphysical meaning of Zerubbabel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zerubbabel (mbd)
Zerubbabel (A. V., Matt. 1: 12, Zorobabel), ze–rub'–ba–bel (Heb.)--sown in Babylon; conceived in Babel; born in Babylon; begotten of confusion; dispersion of illusions.

Son of Shealtiel. He was of the royal line of David, a prince, and was at the head of a large company of Jews who returned to Jerusalem and Judea from Babylon (Ezra 2 :2; 3 :2). He is called Sheshbazzar in Ezra 1:8, 11; 5:14–16.

Meta. A very strong and influential thought activity belonging to the spiritual phase of man. It comes to light in the consciousness of the unfolding individual in the midst of the stress and sorrow of the sense confusion and bondage (Babylon) into which he has drifted because of not understanding the true nature of Spirit, and so persisting in looking to the outer senses as the source of that which is real and true and worth while. This spiritual thought activity becomes a leading factor in putting away error illusions and restoring the worship of God, with its resultant good (sown, conceived, born, in Babylon, dispersion of illusions– a prince of the royal line of David, who was at the head of a large company of Jewish people who returned to Judea from Babylon; see SHESHBAZZAR).

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