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Metaphysical meaning of Zeruiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zeruiah (mbd)
Zeruiah, ze–ru'–iah (Heb.)--cleft; wounded; flowing; running; distilling; balsam; balm.

A sister of David's and mother of Joab Abishai, and Asahel; (I Chron. 2:16).

Meta. Zeruiah and Abigail, sisters of David and daughters of Jesse, signify two attitudes of the soul in the spiritually awakening individual who is in the overcoming phase of his development. Abigail bespeaks the great joy and gladness that one feels because of the entrance of new light and Truth into consciousness, with their uplifting and strengthening power. Zeruiah signifies the phase of the soul consciousness that is cleansing and healing, yet experiences sorrow in letting go of human loves and desires that are dear to the material consciousness (cleft, wounded, flowing, running, distilling, balsam, balm).

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