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Metaphysical meaning of Uzziah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Uzziah (mbd)
Uzziah, uz-zi-ah (Heb.)--Jehovah is strength; Jah is strong; Jehovah is my strength; mighty is Jehovah; power of Jah; glory of the Lord.

a A king of Judah (II Kings 15:13). He is sometimes called Azariah (II Kings 14:21; see margin also). b Other men by this name are mentioned in I Chronicles 27:25; Ezra 10:21; Nehemiah 11:4. Uzzi, Uzzia, and Uzziah are forms of the same name.

Meta. Kings represent ruling faculties of mind in the body consciousness.

Uzziah means Jehovah is strength. Azariah means whom Jehovah hath helped. These two names are happily associated, for so long as man recognizes that his strength is divine and comes from Jehovah he is marvelously helped by the Lord.

In connection with the following discussion of Uzziah, king of Judah, study carefully II Chronicles 26:8-21.

Judah represents the inner life in the organism. Different kings (qualities of mind) reign in Judah (life forces) because changes in consciousness bring about changes in dominant ideas active there. When wisdom dominates, Solomon is king. When health dominates Asa is king. When judgment dominates, Jehoshaphat is king. When strength is dominant, Uzziah is king.

The strength center in the body is located at the small of the back. The strength of the natural man is not a permanent quality until it is transmuted. This transmutation is accomplished by affirming that one's strength is divine, and by consecrating it to the Lord, to be used in spiritual ways.

The transmutation of strength is symbolized in the story of Uzziah by the burning of incense upon the altar.

Uzziah failed to abide in the exalted state of consciousness that is represented by the priesthood, because he represents the more physical side of strength. Azariah is the spiritual quality of strength. Uzziah cannot do the work of Azariah, because he lacks understanding; when he attempts it he brings about disastrous results. When strength is developed in the organism it must be used in spiritual ways; man cannot appropriate divine qualities for dominant personal expression and be protected under divine law.

Man can have divine protection and guidance by daily consecrating all his faculties to the realization and expression of Truth. When he follows the directions of Spirit he harmonizes all his faculties and gives them righteous expression, without experiencing the inharmonies and the waste that result from an unbalanced consciousness.

When man gives attention to physical strength and exercises it for the purpose of combating all opposition, physical strength is increased. Uzziah "was marvelously helped, till he was strong." When physical strength is exalted, it is made to supersede spiritual strength; but the physical man must be transmuted or refined through spiritual consciousness before he is acceptable to Jehovah. "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God."

When physical strength is cultivated without the refining influence of the spiritual idea (priest), deterioration sets in and the breaking up of the whole body begins. This is symbolized by the leprosy of the king. The remedy is understanding, and a repetition of some such affirmation as this: "My strength is not material, but spiritual."

Isaiah 6:1-8 shows a certain movement of the healing processes, which are always working out the salvation of those who are trusting in divine help. Uzziah, the dominating physical strength, has lost his hold on the organism. "King Uzziah died." Then the higher self, Isaiah (salvation of Jehovah), begins the purification of the body.

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