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Metaphysical meaning of Uz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Uz (mbd)
Uz, uz (Heb.)--substantiation; growing might; formative power; concentration; purpose; plan; impression; imagination; fertility; counsel; advising; consulting; making firm; fixing; hardness.

a Son of Aram, who was a son of Shem and grandson of Noah (Gen. 10:23). b Son of Nahor the brother of Abraham (Gen. 22:21). c Son of Dishan of the descendants of Seir the Horite (Gen. 36:28). d The native land of Job (Job 1:1). e The land of Uz is mentioned in Jeremiah 25:20 and in Lamentations 4:21, and from the latter text it is evident that this land was inhabited by Edomites.

Meta. The process of thought by which man arrives at a conclusion (be it Truth or error) and establishes it in consciousness (substantiation, growing might, formative power, concentration, purpose, plan, impression, imagination, fertility, counsel, advising, consulting, making firm, fixing, hardness; the native land of Job).

The significance of Uz fits perfectly with the lesson that the experience of Job teaches. (See JOB.) Job's arguments with his three friends, and his finally getting at the Truth, which wrought such a great change in his life, picture the inner controversies that the spiritually awakening individual is very likely to experience with various phases of his own consciousness before he arrives at true spiritual understanding. Especially is this the case if he is more or less established in outer forms of righteousness, and is the intellectual, reasoning type of person.

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