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Metaphysical meaning of Seir (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Seir (mbd)
Seir, se'-ir (Heb.)--standing on end; bristling; shaggy; hairy; rough; shrinking; shaking; shuddering; stormy; tempestuous; horror; fearful; he-goat; satyr; wood demon.

a A mountainous land or country, near the Dead Sea, that was occupied first by the Horites and later by Esau and his descendants (Gen. 14:6; 36:8, 9). Edom and Seir are the same land, Edom referring to Esau and Seir to the Horites. b The name of a Horite chief (Gen. 36:20).

Meta. The significance is virtually the same as that of Edom, the physical or sense consciousness in man (bristling, shaggy, hairy, rough, tempestuous, fearful, he-goat, and so forth; Seir apparently refers especially to the very emotional and stormy, yet deep-seated, carnal tendencies in the physical). (See EDOM, ESAU, and HORITES.)

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