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Metaphysical meaning of Tarsus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tarsus (mbd)
Tarsus, tär'-sus (Gk.)--at broad surface; at of the foot; wing; wing of Pegasus; blade; oar; at basket; mat of reeds; tranquillity; pleasantness.

A very celebrated city of Cilicia, in Asia Minor. It was the birthplace of Paul (Acts 21:39), and was classed with Athens and Alexandria as a seat of learning and art.

Meta. A group of thoughts in man's consciousness of an intellectual character and bordering on, becoming blended with, the more deeply inspirational phase of understanding that we recognize as being spiritual. These thoughts, though intellectual, are of an even, peaceful, broad, pleasing nature. (Tarsus means flat broad surface, wing, blade, oar, at basket, tranquillity, pleasantness. It was a metropolitan city, noted for its schools and learned men. Tarsus was a seat of Greek philosophy and literature; it is also noted for being the birthplace of Paul, who in much of his symbology suggests the truly inspired intellect.)

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