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Metaphysical meaning of Tahpanhes (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tahpanhes (mbd)
Tahpanhes (in A. V., Jer. 2:16, Tahapanes), täh'-pan-hes (Heb. fr. Egypt.) --principle of bringing forth; principle of beginnings; beginning of the world; source of the race; the goddess Taphnæ (Greek Daphne); laurel.

An Egyptian city (Jer. 44:1). Jeremiah was taken to this city, along with the remnant of Judah that Nebuchadrezzar left behind in Judea when he took the people captive to Babylon (Jer. 43:7-9). This city is called Tehaphnehes in Ezekiel 30:18.

Meta. Jeremiah's being taken to Tahpanhes, along with the remnant of Judah that was left in Judea by Nebuchadrezzar when he took the people of Judah captive to Babylon (Jer. 43:4-7), bespeak a falling in consciousness from faith in the higher spiritual Truth regarding the source of wholeness and of all good (which source is spiritual ideas) to the darkened Egyptian or carnal belief in human means of healing and of bringing forth (principle of bringing forth, laurel, an Egyptian city). This belief breaks down one's confidence in divine wisdom and understanding (see Jeremiah 2:16). The higher spiritual wisdom center is located in the top or crown of the head.

Jeremiah 43 states that the Israelites who were left behind in Judea by the king of Babylon would not listen to Jeremiah, who warned them to stay where they were in order to be safe. Instead of obeying Jeremiah's warning they went to Egypt, to Tahpanhes, and forced Jeremiah to accompany them. The result was that what they had feared in Judea overtook them in Egypt. The inference is clear: when one will not listen to the higher wisdom (the word of the Lord by Jeremiah), but goes to the darkened sense mind for guidance, one is sure to come to grief; the thing that one fears will come to pass.

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