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Metaphysical meaning of Soco (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Soco (mbd)
Soco (in A. V., I Chron. 4:18, Socho; II Chron. 11:7, Shoco; II Chron. 28:18, Shocho), so'-co (Heb.)--interwoven; entwined; inclosed; covered; hedged with thorns; protected; branches; sinews; tendons; tents; tabernacles.

A city of Judah that was founded by Heber (I Chron. 4:18). Rehoboam fortified this city (II Chron. 11:7). It is the same city as the Socoh of Joshua 15:35. In II Chronicles 28:18 it is mentioned as one of the places that the Philistines invaded and took, in the time of Ahaz.

Meta. Heber signifies a passing over from the purely physical earthly thought to a higher concept of Truth. This is the beginning of a conscious alliance of the individual consciousness with the mind of Spirit, and it will culminate in man and God's becoming companions, associates. (See HEBER.)

Soco, a city founded in Judah by Heber, refers to thoughts of Truth, or spiritual qualities (branches) as growing and developing in the consciousness and organism of the individual (interwoven, entwined, inclosed, sinews, tents); also to a dividing line in thought that they bring about between the higher true ideals (Israelites) and the lower sense activities (Philistines), with a pricking and disturbing of these sense activities (hedged with thorns), and a certain degree of protection to the higher ideals (protected). Jesus referred to Himself as the "true vine," and to His disciples as the "branches" of that vine. Jesus here signifies the I AM, or perfect, ideal man, which is the true higher self of every individual; the disciples are inner, unfolding spiritual faculties, or qualities of mind.

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