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Metaphysical meaning of Socoh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Socoh (mbd)
Socoh (in A. V., I Kings 4:10, Sochoh; I Sam. 17:1, Shochoh), so'-coh (Heb.) --interwoven; entwined; inclosed; covered; hedged with thorns; protected; branches; sinews; tendons; tents; tabernacles.

The name of two cities of Judah, a one in the lowlands, and b the other in the hill country (Josh. 15:35, 48). It was at Socoh in the lowlands of Judah that the Philistines gathered for battle against the Israelites under Saul (I Sam. 17:1). Socoh is also named in the district whence Benhesed obtained victuals for King Solomon's household for one month in each year (I Kings 4:10).

Meta. The significance is the same as that of SOCO, which see.

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