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Metaphysical meaning of Shethar-bozenai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shethar-bozenai (mbd)
Shethar-bozenai (A. V., Shethar-boznai), she'-thär-boz'-e-nai (Heb. fr. Pers.) --shining star; stellar splendor; brilliant commander.

A Persian officer or governor. With Tattenai and others he wrote to the king of Persia to find out whether or not it was that monarch's will for Zerubbabel and the Jews to rebuild Jerusalem (Ezra 5:3, 6; 6:6, 13).

Meta. Persia and Media refer to the middle land, or psychic realm in individual consciousness, guided by the senses. Shethar-bozenai (meaning shining star, stellar splendor, brilliant commander), who doubted the right of the Jews to rebuild Jerusalem, denotes the purely mental, psychic, reflected comprehension in man that does not recognize the true source and channels of wisdom--Spirit and spiritual inspiration and ideas--but takes to itself all the glory of unlimited understanding. It goes to the central ruling idea of the psychical sense realm (Darius, king of Persia) for its guidance even in matters pertaining to the upbuilding and spiritualizing of the body. To the extent that the true light is shining throughout one's consciousness will this comprehension that Shethar-bozenai signifies be of aid in bringing about one's good.

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