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Metaphysical meaning of Sheariah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sheariah (mbd)
Sheariah, she-a-ri-ah (Heb.)--whom Jehovah estimates; Jah decides; judgment of Jah; Jehovah hath esteemed; appraised of Jah; prized of Jehovah; Jah hath opened; gate of Jah; assemblage of Jah; Jah is gatekeeper.

Son of Azel, a Benjamite, in descent from Saul (I Chron. 8:38).

Meta. Azel father of Sheariah, signifies the uplifting and ennobling influence that the recognition of one's divine origin--sonship with God--has on one's character.

Sheariah (Jehovah hath esteemed, whom Jehovah estimates, prized of Jehovah) is that high appreciation and estimation in which the Father regards us, His offspring. We have thought that we were so inferior to God that He must look upon us as of little worth; we have felt that we must of necessity be more or less despised by God because of the great contrast between what we have looked upon as our inborn limitations or sins and His perfection and greatness. This is a mistake. God, the Father of all, sees only His perfection in His creation; in us He sees the man whom He made in the beginning in His image and likeness, the only begotten Son, the Christ.

If we could but know ourselves in the high perfect light in which the Father beholds us, we should be lifted at once out of all error and limited seemings, into the manifestation of the perfect, spiritual beings that God created us to be.

Jah decides and judgment of Jah reveal the fact that the Father in us really decides our course after all. He becomes our judgment; hence we shall come into the fullness of our divine inheritance as sons of God. because He wills it so. The definitions, Jah hath opened, gate of Jah, suggest the open door to this fulfillment of perfection in us, which door or way is a recognition of what we are in Truth: sons of God, made in His image and likeness; sons, not by adoption, but by reason of birth; sons because of the Christ who dwells ever in us as the real inner self of each of us.

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