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Metaphysical meaning of Shear-jashub (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shear-jashub (mbd)
Shear-jashub, she'-är-jash'-ub (Heb.) --the remnant shall return; what is left behind shall be brought back; the residue shall be recovered; the remainder shall be recalled.

Son of the prophet Isaiah. He went with his father to King Ahaz of Judah when Isaiah went to encourage the king concerning the final redemption of Judah and the restoration of the land, through the Christ (Isa. 7, especially the 3d verse.

Meta. The inspiration or assurance of man's ultimate return in spirit, soul, and body to that spiritual perfection in which he was created. This return is brought about by a recognition of the "remnant" of divine seed, or true spiritual ideas, that has remained in man's real inner self, even when he has apparently been farthest away from God (the remnant shall return; see also the prophecy of Isaiah 7, and note in verse 3 that God told Isaiah to take his son, Shear-jashub, with him when he went to meet King Ahaz). This inner assurance of man's ultimate return to his innate perfection comes to the spiritually awakening individual by means of his higher self, which Isaiah the father of Shear-jashub signifies.

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