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Metaphysical meaning of Sethur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sethur (mbd)
Sethur, se'-thur (Heb.)--covered; veiled; secreted; hidden; protected; covert; hidden sin; deceitful; self-defilement.

The man chosen from the tribe of Asher to help spy out the land of Canaan (Num. 13:13).

Meta. A degree of understanding of Truth, but kept in the background and not acted upon (covered, veiled, hidden, secreted). Thus deceptive errors are developed in the inner consciousness of the individual (covert, deceitful, hidden sin, self-defilement), errors that are harmful to him and greatly hinder his spiritual development. (Sethur was one of the ten spies who brought back an evil report of the land of Canaan. These spies acknowledged that the land was good, and greatly to be desired, but they magnified the size and strength of the enemies in it, and minimized their own strength, not counting on the power of God, which was to win their battles; thus they discouraged the people of Israel and were the cause of many more years of wandering in the wilderness than was necessary.)

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