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Metaphysical meaning of Red Sea (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Red Sea (mbd)
Red Sea.

A long, narrow sea that lies between Asia and Africa (Josh. 24:6); it is called "the sea" in most places in the Bible wherein it is mentioned. It was through this sea that the Israelites passed on dry land, while the Egyptians who followed them were drowned (Exod. 14:2-28).

Meta. A fixed sea of universal thought that has become part of the very world in which we live. We find it as the race belief in life separate from God, and it has taken up its abode in the sense man and forms a part of his physical existence. The human concept that the life in the body is mortal must be set aside, and the God dominion declared. There is but one life, God.

There is a universal life force, which moves upon a universal substance. This combination of life and substance is the matrix in which all mind force works; symbolically it is the Red Sea or life sea. Human thoughts, which form part of the race consciousness, have impregnated this sea. The Red Sea represents the sum of all the thoughts about life with which the race has impregnated the universal ether. In the mythology of the Greeks and the Romans this is symbolized by the river Styx, over which souls were ferried by Charon. It is familiar to metaphysicians as the psychic realm or race thought, which has to be overcome by the progressive soul.

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