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Metaphysical meaning of Raphah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Raphah (mbd)
Raphah (A.V., Rapha), ra'-phah (Heb.)--high; tall; heroic; gigantic; repaired; mended; restored to a former state; healed; made whole; wholesome; allayed; quiet; calmed; consoled; comforted; relaxed; let go; slackened; feeble; slothful.

a Son of Benjamin. The name here is spelled Rapha (I Chron. 8:2). b Son of Binea, a Benjamite descended from Saul through Jonathan (I Chron. 8:37). This latter Raphah is called Rephaiah in I Chronicles 9:43. c In the margin of II Samuel 21:16, 20, 22, the "giant" of the Philistines is called Raphah.

Meta. For the significance of the Benjamites named Rapha and Raphah, see REPHAIAH.

Raphah, the Philistine giant (high, tall, heroic, gigantic), refers to the apparent power and greatness of the thoughts and forces in us that are opposed to the rule of the Holy Spirit. These errors are the Philistines; we are often scared, even terrified, at the giant-like proportions of some leading thought on the error side, represented by Goliath and the other sons of this Raphah, the giant. Our "giant" of error may be different from that of other individuals, but it daily makes a great show of strength and intimidates us with its seeming power.

Persons who do not understand the conquering power of love (David) centered in I AM, Jehovah, see no way of overcoming the sense thoughts that continually defy with their show of strength. But they can be overcome and slain through the Christ in us raised to dominion, and we can enjoy the peace and good results of victory over all that is unlike our perfect model--spiritual man, who was created in God's image and likeness, who is the true self of each of us and has been manifested to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Relaxed, slackened, feeble. slothful, meanings of Raphah, show the natural reaction from sense expressions of force and power through personal intellect and will.

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