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Metaphysical meaning of Binea (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Binea (mbd)
Binea, b`in'-e-å (Heb.)--gush forth copiously; break forth; a wanderer; a fountain; a gushing stream. This word has a dual sense. It may be either good or bad; on the one hand, praise of God; on the other, to belch forth wickedness.

A Benjamite who was descended from Saul (I Chron. 8:37).

Meta. Faith in the fountain of spiritual life that springs up from within the very depths of man's being (gush forth copiously, fountain; a Benjamite refers to faith). This faith thought that Binea signifies may seem at first to be a wanderer in man's consciousness; it is not steady and reliable, but is exercised impulsively (break forth); it has not been given any abiding place in him because he has always looked upon his life as a material quality and as coming from without, or from natural causes. He has not known that the source of all life is Spirit and is within. But this true idea (Binea) is of God. In due time it will become established in the individual, and will aid in bringing about the spiritualization of his whole being.

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