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Metaphysical meaning of Rephaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rephaiah (mbd)
Rephaiah, re-pha'-iah (Heb.)--Jah heals; whom Jehovah has healed; Jah restores; Jehovah makes whole; Jah makes wholesome.

a A man of Judah (I Chron. 3:21). b A captain of the Simeonites who went to Mount Seir and smote the remaining Amalekites (I Chron. 4:42). c A man of Issachar (I Chron. 7:2). d A Benjamite, called Raphah in I Chronicles 8:37 (I Chron. 9:43). e One who helped repair the wall of Jerusalem under Nehemiah (Neh. 3:9)

Meta. The various men by this name, belonging to different Israelitish tribes or different faculties of mind, signify the growth--in man's consciousness--of knowledge of God, through his indwelling Christ, or I AM, as his healing, restoring power (Jah heals, Jehovah makes whole).

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