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Metaphysical meaning of Raamiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Raamiah (mbd)
Raamiah, ra-a-ml'-ah (Heb.)--agitation of Jehovah; thunder of Jah; Jah moves with agitation; who fears Jehovah; anger of Jah; evil from the Lord.

A chief or noble of the Jewish people who returned with Zerubbabel from the Babylonian captivity (Neh. 7:7). He is called Reelaiah in Ezra 2:2.

Meta. A prominent, influential thought in our higher, religious consciousness (a chief or noble of the Jewish people) that comes out of the Babylonian state of mind (sense confusion) and back to Jerusalem (spiritual consciousness) with Zerubbabel (one who restores the worship of God). This high, religious thought that Raamiah signifies has a degree of comprehension of the activity and power of God, but fears Him instead of approaching the Father in loving, confident assurance that only good emanates from Spirit to man. This is because the Raamiah thought still believes God to be the author of evil as well as of good (who fears Jehovah, thunder of Jah, Jah moves with agitation, anger of Jah, evil from the Lord); it does not understand the working of divine law and the need for man to harmonize his life with the divine law, in order that he may reap only the good.

Man pictures God according to his own ideas. One must come into very advanced spiritual understanding and realization in order to know God as "good only," to be reverenced and loved and worshiped with all the heart and soul, but with no element of fear.

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