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Metaphysical meaning of Raamses (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Raamses (mbd)
Raamses, ra-am'-ses (Heb. fr. Egypt.) --son of Ra; son of the sun; sun's emanation.

A city that was built, or at least fortified, for Pharaoh king of Egypt by the Hebrews when they were in slavery in Egypt. It was one of his "store-cities" (Exod. 1:11). Raamses seems to be identical with RAMESES, which see.

Meta. A thought center of substance ("store-cities") in the domain of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, the sun center in the subconsciousness of the individual. This "sun" or "light" consciousness, which in Pharaoh and Egypt is obscured or veiled by our life on the lower, sense plane, works in conjunction with our higher religious thoughts (Hebrews) that are in servitude to the darkened sense consciousness that Egypt signifies, and so this reserve substance (Raamses) is built up in Egypt.

Raamses, so called by Pharaoh, means son of the sun, sun here referring to Pharaoh, who is the ruling ego of the Egypt realm of thought. The sun really refers to the true light, the Christ, but Pharaoh takes to himself, for his own exaltation and use, that which belongs to Spirit only and should be used for the renewing and spiritualizing of the individual. This wrong appropriation of substance brings about disease in man--the plagues that came upon Egypt.

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