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Metaphysical meaning of Raamah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Raamah (mbd)
Raamah, ra'-a-mah (Heb.)--moved with agitation; trembling; quaking; troubled; tossed with rage- thundering.

a Son of Cush and grandson of Ham (Gen. 10:7). b A place or a people (Ezek. 27:22).

Meta. Ham represents the physical in man. Cush (meaning blackened) signifies the darkened, ignorant thought in which man has held his body and its activities--the physical, seemingly mortal part of himself. Raamah, son of Cush, is the result or fruit of the ignorant thought of the sense man regarding his body. This result takes the shape of the nameless fears, inner tremblings, quakings, and ungodlike emotions that the sense man experiences (moved with agitation, trembling, quaking, tossed with rage, troubled). Raamah also represents the human attempt to exalt the personal by a great show of power (thundering) instead of realizing that all true power is in Spirit.

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