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Metaphysical meaning of Lubim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lubim (mbd)
Lubim, la'-bim (Heb.)--thirsty; dry; parched.

A people who came with Shishak, king of Egypt, to fight against Jerusalem (II Chron. 12:3). Lubim is mentioned with the Ethiopians in II Chronicles 16:8, and with Egypt and the Ethiopians as helpers of Nineveh in Nahum 3:9. Lubim is identified with Lehabim and Libyans.

Meta. The dry, thirsty, parched, impoverished, feverish state of consciousness, body, and affairs that results from that which Lehabim signifies. (See LEHABIM.) A person must be very watchful that he does not give the substance of his higher, or spiritual, aspirations, thoughts, and desires (Israelites), to building up the material consciousness in himself. If he does, this great horde of darkened, ignorant, undisciplined thoughts and forces that Lubim and the Egyptians and Ethiopians signify will apparently spring up from everywhere and will bring him into bondage and affliction.

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