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Metaphysical meaning of Puah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Puah (mbd)
Puah, pu'-ah (Heb.)--mouth; orifice aperture; puff; breath; blast; utterance, command.

a Father of Tola and son of Dodo. He was a man of Issachar (Judg. 10:1). b Son of Issachar (I Chronicles 7:1). He is called Puvah in Genesis 46:13.

Meta. Giving one's true thoughts one's zeal, to establishing the activity of Truth throughout the consciousness, that it may be declared aloud and expressed (mouth, orifice, breath, utterance, command). Thinking Truth zealously and affirming it aloud by word of mouth will cause strong vibrations (a blast) throughout one's being, and act destructively on the error in consciousness while building up the true (Israelites).

Puah was a son of Issachar, and Issachar, son of Jacob, represents the active zeal faculty in individual consciousness.

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