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Metaphysical meaning of Patmos (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Patmos (mbd)
Patmos, pat'-mos (Gk.)--mortal.

The island to which John was banished. It is a rocky island in the Ægean Sea (Rev. 1:9). This was where John received his vision recorded in The Book of Revelation.

Meta. A place in consciousness where we realize through Spirit that the fleshly or carnal man produces nothing. When we are in Spirit the body is physically quiet; all sensation is primarily from the Spirit. So far as the I AM or spiritual is concerned the physical is as a rock, void of sensation or activity. When we still the outer we get the inspiration of Spirit within us.

Patmos means mortal, and isle suggests an isolated body of earth. This refers to the subjective body separated from its environment in the world and lifted in Spirit to the Lord's day, or degree of unfoldment where the higher law becomes operative. The voice that John heard behind him (Rev. 1:10) refers to the unseen or subjective consciousness, whose base of action in the body is the spinal cord and the medulla oblongata. It is there that divine law stores all the words and thoughts that we have ever entertained. "The word of God and the testimony of Jesus" is thus recorded in this "isle that is called Patmos."

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