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Metaphysical meaning of Pashhur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pashhur (mbd)
Pashhur (A.V., Pashur), pash'-hur (Heb.)--encompassed by plenty; prosperity round about; surrounded by nobility; liberty; freedom; liberation.

a Son of Immer the priest. He smote Jeremiah and put him in the stocks (Jer. 20:1). b A son of Malchijah and an officer of King Zedekiah. He was sent by the king to Jeremiah to inquire of Jehovah (Jer. 21:1). c In Nehemiah 7:41 we read that a thousand two hundred and forty-seven of the descendants of Pashhur returned from the Babylonian captivity.

Meta. Freeing thoughts in consciousness, thoughts that are activated and surrounded by ideas of substance, of plenty, and of nobility (encompassed by plenty, surrounded by nobility, liberty, freedom, liberation). The first two of these men named Pashhur, however, worked against Jeremiah because he prophesied against Jerusalem. This shows that the thoughts that they symbolize need, at this stage of the unfoldment of the individual, a better comprehension of the divine law and of the necessity of working in harmony with it in order to bring about the true freedom from error and its results, and the true good, for which they stand.

In the case of the third man named Pashhur, who may have been one of the first two, the fact that so many of his descendants returned from the Babylonian captivity indicates that this lesson of conformity to divine law has been learned, or at least has been taken into consideration, and good is being realized (prosperity round about).

There are many persons today who see the wonderful good that is in store for God's children, and who claim this good, but do not like to hear anything about the law of sowing and reaping. They apparently do not wish to make the right adjustment in their life that is necessary to keep them from reaping inharmonies and to establish them in the good that is their inheritance.

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