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Metaphysical meaning of Malchijah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Malchijah (mbd)
Malchijah (in A. V., I Chron. 6:40; Ezra 10:31; Neh. 3:14, 31; 8:4; 11:12; Jer. 38:1, Malchiah, and in Jer. 21:1, Melchiah), mal-chi-iah (Heb.) rule of Jehovah; counsel of Jah; Jehovah is king; Jehovah's king.

There were many Israelites by this name. Most of them were priests (I Chron. 9:12; 24:9; Neh. 3:11; 10:3; 12:42).

Meta. The individual's acknowledgment of Jehovah, Christ, or I AM as king, as the ruling power in his consciousness and throughout his entire being. (The significance is virtually the same as that of Malchiel, except that Malchiel relates to the absolute principle of Being (God), while Malchijah relates to the principle or idea in expression (Jehovah).

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