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Metaphysical meaning of prosperity (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of prosperity (mbd)

Meta. The consciousness that Divine Mind is inexhaustible support and supply. The difference between spiritual prosperity and the material idea of prosperity is that spiritual prosperity is founded on understanding of the inexhaustible, omnipresent substance of Spirit as the source of supply; the material idea is that the possession of things constitutes prosperity. Man lays hold of the one substance with his mind, through understanding and faith.

"Uncertainty of riches" indicates putting one's trust in the possession of things apart from the consciousness of the one substance as the source of all. Anxiety about supply can be overcome by a recognition of the omnipresence of Spirit substance and a centering of faith in it as the one source of supply.

The one substance is magnified and increased by thanksgiving and praise. One's conversation should ever magnify the Spirit of plenty.

It is necessary to give as freely as we receive, because there is a law of giving and receiving. Giving opens the way to a greater inflow of substance. We should give cheerfully, freely, out of the consciousness that supply is inexhaustible.

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