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Metaphysical meaning of Immer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Immer (mbd)
Immer, im-mer (Heb.)--bearing forth; bringing to the light; projecting; commanding; eloquent; loquacious; talkative.

The name of several different Hebrew priests (I Chron. 24:14; Ezra 2:37, 59; Neh. 3:29; Jer. 20:1).

Meta. That in our natural religious tendencies (priests) which causes us to delight in talking much about Truth, in making an outward show of our religion, in giving "lip service" to God, rather than in really making the saving Truth practical in our everyday living.

When this tendency to loquaciousness is lifted to spiritual expression, it becomes a great factor for good to us and to the race. Taken in the thought realm, the ability to think readily and clearly and abundantly, if guided aright, aids greatly in projecting, bringing to light and into manifestation, the good that we idealize in mind. In its very highest sense, Immer is used with reference to the utterances of God Himself, or the revelations of Spirit.

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