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Metaphysical meaning of Nile (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nile (mbd)
Nile, nile (Gk. fr. Egypt.)--leading; drawing; flowing; possessing; inheriting; a stream; a river; a brook; a torrent; a flood. Other names by which the Nile is referred to are: Narai Mizraim --river of Egypt; Narai Cush--river of Cush, confluences of Cush, lights of Cush; Narai Mizraim--rivers of Egypt, lights of Egypt; Yeor--canal, channel, river; Shihor or Sihor--turbid, dark, black. In A.V., Isaiah 19:7, brooks; Isaiah 23:3, 10, and Zechariah 10:11, river; Jeremiah 46:7, 8, flood.

A river of Egypt (Isa. 19:7). The Nile makes possible the fertility of Egypt. From the middle of June until the first of October, each year, the river overflows its banks and carries both moisture and sediment, which fertilize the ground of the adjacent valley. Thus the Nile has been and still is a source or channel of life and sustenance to the Egyptians. Were it not for the Nile, virtually the whole of Egypt would be a barren desert.

Meta. The Nile, which is one of the longest and greatest rivers in the world, signifies the great subconscious flow of life and substance in the organism of man. Until recent years little has been known of the source or sources of the Nile. Even so, man has known but little of the real source of the substance and life within him, though from this substance and life he receives his vitality and strength (leading, drawing, flowing, possessing, inheriting). But man is gradually awakening to the truth of his being, and is becoming acquainted with the one true source of all life and sustenance, which is God, Spirit.

This great river of life and substance, in flowing through the Egyptian, or darkened, ignorant, sensual phase of consciousness in man, apparently becomes material and corrupt, wild, turbulent, and destructive (black, dark, turbid, torrent, flood; see SIHOR).

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