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Metaphysical meaning of Shihor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shihor (mbd)
Shihor (in A. V., Josh. 13:3; Isa. 23:3; Jer. 2:18, Sihor), shi'-hôr (Heb.)--black; blackness; dark; swarthy; turbid; disturbed; clouded; misty

a The river Nile (Isa. 23:3; Jer. 2:18). b "The brook of Egypt" (I Chron. 13:5; Josh. 13:3, see margin) may also refer to the Nile, though some think it to be the present Wady el Arish.

Meta. The great subconscious current of life, but seemingly dark and corrupt with ignorant, material thought (the river Nile of Egypt, dark, turbid, clouded, blackness).

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