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Metaphysical meaning of Cush (mbd)

Please read our commentary on this metaphysical interpretation.

Cush (in A.V., Gen. 2:13, Ethiopia) cush (Heb.)--firelike; burned; blackened; combustible; Ethiopia.

a Eldest son of Ham. b The country where Ham's descendants settled--Ethiopia (Gen. 10:6; Psalms 7, title).

Meta. Ham typifies the physical in man, in its very biased, material, sensual expression. The physical has always been looked upon as something very material and as being void of intelligence and spirituality. It has been in darkness, and has been given over to ignorance and sensuality, with corruption as its ultimate state. Cush represents this darkened thought in which man has held his body and its activities--the seemingly mortal, physical part of himself. But this will all change as he perceives the Truth and holds in mind the perfect-body idea. Then darkness will disappear, and even the very cells of the body will shine in spiritual light and life.

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