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Metaphysical meaning of Methuselah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Methuselah (mbd)
Methuselah, me-thu'-sé-lah (Heb.)--man of the sword; man of the dart; extension of the sword; swift hurled dart of death; sending forth of death; sting of death.

Son of Enoch, of the line of descent from Adam through Seth. Methuselah has the record of having lived longer than any other man in the earthly body (Gen. 5:21-27).

Meta. A quick, piercing thought, or word (man of the sword, man of the dart) of life, power, and oneness with God which, while it causes a renewal of youth in degree, and serves to lengthen one's life in the body (sending forth of death), does not become abiding enough in the consciousness at the Methuselah stage of man's unfoldment to put away the appearance of death entirely (sting of death).

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