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Metaphysical meaning of Methushael (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Methushael (mbd)
Methushael (A.V., Methusael), me-thu'-shå-el (Heb.)--man of God; extension of God; man who (is) of God; yawning gulf of death; extremity of death.

A descendant of Cain's (Gen. 4:18).

Meta. The idea that man is a spiritual and perfect being is of God, and is inherent even in the body consciousness of man (Cain and his descendants refer to the outer or physical consciousness). Methushael refers also to the error idea of death, to disintegration of the outer organism, that unenlightened man thinks is desirable, inevitable, and of God. Thus unenlightened man is divided against himself, holds to both good and evil; as long as he does this he must reap accordingly.

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